What's New?

We purchased a Becker 14" Exothermic Continuous Belt

    This belt line is ideal for Copper Brazing and Annealing of low carbon steel                product with high or low volume and is expected to be up and running end of              the 3rd quarter (2019)

By the 2nd quarter 2019 DMT will be able to perform micro/macro-hardness testing

DMT has the capabilities to check coercive force



Coercive Force

Deep Freeze to -300 deg F  

Furnace Brazing 

Hardness Testing 

High Speed Steel Heat Treating 

Induction Brazing (minimal)

Precipitation Hardening 

Rust Preventive Application 

Stainless Steel Heat Treating 


Stress Relieving 

Vacuum Heat Treating 

Washing (barrel)



DMT has spent over 6 million dollars on new equipment. 

(1) Stainless Steel Belt Line

(2) 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace (36 x 36 x 48") 

(2) 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace (24 x 24 x 36")  

(1) 2 Bar Vacuum Temper (36 x 36 x 48")

(1) Vacuum Oil Quench (24 x 24 x 24")

(1) Tempering Furnace ( up to 6 foot capability) 

(3) Tempering Ovens

(2) Freezers 

(2) Straightening Presses 

(2) Brand New Hardness Testing Machines

(1) Coercive Force Device

(1) Barrel Washer