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Brazing is a high temperature process by which two metal components are joined together using a filler material (paste) that melts via capillary action, similar to the soldering process of copper pipe and fittings. The components are typically tack welded together prior to shipment, and the heat treater applies the paste at critical spots to allow the proper flow at temperature to create a welded part upon completion. Certain applications require the weld to support a pressurized application and leak testing is performed to ensure that all gaps have been completely filled with the hardened braze paste.

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  • Can allow for the joining of unlike materials that may not be weldable by traditional processes.
  • Typically a cost-effective process, depending on the complexity of the brazing requirement.
  • Allows for certain flexibility of design of parts, as one or many brazing joints can be made.
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  • More complex brazing requirements can require a high amount of labor for pasting and be more costly to complete.
  • Various braze filler materials must be specified prior to processing.
  • Different size furnaces from different heat treaters can have various cost impacts.

Equipment Used

  • Vacuum style furnaces.
  • Continuous belt hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere furnaces.
  • Working dimensions vary by furnace (up to 36″ W x 48″ L x 36″ H).
  • Weight capacities vary by furnace (up to approximately 2,500 lbs.).

Materials (Alloys) Treated

Carbon, alloy and stainless steels, as well as, nickel-based alloys.


Critical cleanliness assemblies, durable goods components, household components or any assemblies that need a high strength weldment.


Aerospace, defense, automotive, appliances, power generation, and many others.


AWS C3.6.

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